KZN Managing Director

Louis Goosen is the Sales Director of Wonder Water SA and to be blunt, Louis knew very little about water, filtration and purification of water, when he met up with Jacques De Beer. At that stage, Louis had basic water filters installed in his racing yard.

Louis is a successful racehorse trainer, having been born into a horse racing family and having grown up with horses. Louis also has extensive experience in setting up businesses and started a very successful CCTV company from scratch to ultimately achieve a customer base throughout SA and also further up the continent with installations completed as far north as Nairobi, Kenya.

However, training racehorses remains Louis´ passion and it was the reaction of his horses to drinking Wonder Water that originally converted him to the product. Firstly, hydration is one of the most difficult issues when dealing with racehorses. Secondly, as we all know, you can take a horse to water……but you cannot make it drink! Yet, when presented with Wonder Water the horses drink it like crazy. Louis further experimented by offering his horses their normal water and Wonder Water, side by side, in different buckets. In every single case, the horses chose the Wonder Water first and never touched their normal water or other versions of it, whilst there was Wonder Water available. Thirdly, horses improved rapidly and began winning race after race, at all levels.

Louis believes that no further endorsement of Wonder Water is needed. In his opinion, horses are unlike humans, in that they drink only water. There is no tea, coffee, beer, cola or milkshake in their diet. Just water. And the horses have made their choice. Mother Nature has spoken.

Wonder Water must be stored at no more than 30 degrees celcius