Technical Director

Jacques has a wealth of knowledge in the water purification industry and is highly experienced in the manufacturing of water treatment equipment. Jacques is also vastly experienced in import and installation of bottling plant equipment and remains directly in touch with many experts (locally and internationally) within the Hydro field. He boast 22 years of hands on experience in the water purification industry, including 18 years hands on experience in commercial and industrial water purification systems, specialising in Reverse Osmosis. Jacques has also trained many people n the water industry over the years.

Jacques has been directly involved with Clustered Water since 2004 and is the only person in Africa that has the technology and know-how to manufacture Lee Lorenzens’ patented Clustered Water and the newly branded Wonder Water.

Jacques holds the licence to manufacture and distribute Wonder Water in the whole of Africa.

Jacques is the heart and soul of this revolutionary product Wonder Water. He is also the go to man for all water filtration and purification systems and plants, be it a R20K job or a R100M job.

Wonder Water SA are extremely fortunate and also proud to have Jacques De Beer, with his wealth of real experience in the water industry, as our Managing Director.

Wonder Water must be stored at no more than 30 degrees celcius