It all began in 1976. Lee Lorenzen had graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and was doing research at the University of California, Irvine. Like so many researchers, his vocation was chosen because of his desire to make a difference in the health and happiness of mankind. Time and again, he saw that many of the medications he was researching were causing more harm than good- in direct opposition to the Hippocratic Oath which states, “Do no harm”.

At that same time period he heard a lecture from Stanford scientist Dr William Tiller on the unusual chemistry of water which simulated new thought on water’s potential. “I remember saying to myself, over and over, in those days,” recalls Lee, “Something is missing with this model.” Then it happened- A chain of events which ultimately led him to the discovery of water clusters and a method of stabilizing them.

Lee’s wife, Penny, was chronically ill which led to a state of chronic dehydration. With his wife bedridden, taking care of their 2 young boys became almost impossible. For the first time in their lives, they got on their knees and asked God for help. That was New Years Eve, 1985, and to their delight, the answers began to come.

Months of research eventually led Lee to the famous healing springs of Lourdes, France. Here, he found living proof of natural water clusters- something that has escaped decades of scientific scrutiny. He found the same phenomenon in 10 other healing springs around the world and also found geographic similarities in the places where these springs were located.

As more pieces of the puzzle came together, Lee learned how to duplicate the natural conditions which produce water clusters. He and his wife, Penny, became guinea pigs- drinking the solutions he called “Clustered Water®”.

Lee turned to the Far East- a culture which recognises the potential of natural health techniques. Since 1988, he and a group of doctors and researchers had documented the effects of “Clustered Water®”. The results and conclusions were published in 2 books in Japan.

In 1991 the solutions were first introduced to the general public in the United States. It took 8 years, but the first U.S. patent was finally granted in 1998 for the production of stabilized Clustered Water®® solutions. Today, those solutions are available in selected food, drug and health food outlets across the United States, Japan and Korea. Many consider Clustered Water® to be an answer to their prayers- the same way it was an answer to those of Lee and Penny years ago.

Wonder Water must be stored at no more than 30 degrees celcius