Firstly, the 5 functions of water in the body:

  • A Solvent – To dissolve  nutrients
  • A Transportant – To carry  nutrients and oxygen 
  • A Lubricant – To lubricate  joints and moving parts
  • A Coolant – To keep the body from overheating and organ failure
  • A Dispersant – To get rid of toxins

Every person, young and old, athlete or sportsman needs water for the above reasons. Wonder Water performs all 5 of these functions, 10 or more times faster and better than any other water!

And then there is the 6th function, which only Wonder Water performs-

  • Electro Negative Enhancer

Wonder Water electro negatively charges red blood cells, thus carrying more oxygen to the cells in the body.

The benefits of drinking Wonder Water

  • Rapid hydration of cells (Super or Hyper Hydration)
  • Red blood cells carry more oxygen.
  • Accelerated metabolic rate.
  • Penetrates the Aquaporins in the cells.
  • Faster waste removal from cells (detox)
  • Bolsters the immune system.
  • Dissolves and transports nutrients rapidly into cells.
  • Slows down of the aging process- Due to cellular hydration.

Wonder Water must be stored at no more than 30 degrees celcius