Water & Health

It is well known by now that all water is not equal or the same. Obvious differences are in taste and odours. The problem with the taste and odour test is that there are a myriad of chemicals and pollutants that are tasteless and odourless. The human tongue and nose are under no circumstances a reliable way to try and determine the quality of water. The highest priority for humans today is quality of life. Without our health everything else loses its value and the reality of life is that 99% of people do not know the beneficial effects that the correct water in the correct quantities can have on our health. Aside from oxygen, water is the most crucial element that our bodies need to maintain good health.
Water is 99% of all bio-chemical processes in the body and the correct water can have a significant influence on our health.

Water Quality

Our own common sense tells us that the quality of the water which we drink will make a great impact on our health.

Today in South Africa, every street corner and supermarket has an outlet which sells bottled water and water on tap. The vast majority of these outlets sell Reverse Osmosis (RO) water. Water quality awareness has come about through the fact that chlorines and other purifying processes in tap water are either toxic to humans in the long term or are insufficiently filtered, thus not removing certain toxic minerals from the water.

Evolution of Water

So, it is fair to say that certain household names of bottled water are simply nothing else but filtered water and whilst these were OK in their time, they have reached their sell by date in terms of health benefits, as the water on the planet has rapidly become more and more polluted.

Thus the age of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water has begun and rightly so. In simple, RO water is water without the presence of any minerals and toxins, if properly purified. Reverse Osmosis (RO) water has no minerals present, neither good or bad. Many will argue that the essential minerals have been removed from RO water. But, whilst there is no way known to mankind, to separate the good from the bad minerals being removed from RO water, this still remains the purest form of filtered water.


Wonder Water is Hexagonally Clustered Water which has been structured and then formulated to create Alkaline Water.
In short, Wonder Water is ultra-purified water treated with our patented cellular hydration processing (TM) (CHP).

Only once we have Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, in ultra purified form, the process of constructing Wonder Water commences. And this separates Wonder Water from any and all water available world-wide. All other water is either filtered or purified or both and many brand names exist for these same basic processes. Wonder Water only starts to be formulated, where the best of the rest have left off. Wonder Water takes ultra purified waters to the next level.

Wonder Water is patented. This is because we have found a way, not only to hexagonally structure ultra purified RO water, but also to retain that hexagonal structure, once it is made and bottled.

The benefit of the hexagonally structured and clustered water is that it is absorbed more rapidly into the body than any other water. In fact, it penetrates the Aquaporins of the body more than 12 times faster than any other water.

Hexagonal Clustered water is the most important and the healthiest form of water that humans can consume. One of the pioneers in water research and specifically the structure of water and Hexagonal Clustered water has scientifically proven the existence of structured waters, and more specifically Hexagonal Clustered water. Dr Jhon has written a book “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” in laymen’s terms that made it possible for people outside the scientific field to understand the significance of this water and the benefits for human life.

Our patented cellular hydration process of constructing hexagonally clustered and  structured water which retains its structure forms the very crux of Wonder Water. However, this is not the whole process. After constructing the hexagonally clustered and  structured water, the other part kicks in. This is when the essential minerals required are added in, resulting in alkaline water. And we all know the benefits of alkalinity in the body. The pH of Wonder Water is 8.5.

Dr Warburg who discovered cancer and who received a Nobel Prize for his work, declared two fundamentals on the disease:-

  1. Cancer cells do not breathe oxygen (they are anaerobic) so they cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen.
  2. This oxygen deficiency brings about an acidic state in the body and in order to survive, the body must maintain the PH levels of blood at a slightly alkaline level

Now, it is important to note that we at Wonder Water are not making any medical claims. We are not saying that Wonder Water is the new “miracle drug”.  And we will never interfere with any doctor or prescription. What we are saying, though, is that Wonder Water is alkaline water, unlike any other water and that Wonder Water will assist the body in maintaining an alkaline balance in the blood. Furthermore, all medication taken with Wonder Water will be more rapidly absorbed.

Ultimately, there are and always will be those who claim to offer similar “structured”  or “clustered”water or water systems. Yes, clustered water can be made using a vortex. But, is there scientific evidence that these so called waters are truly hexagonal molecules? And if by chance these hexagonal clusters are found, will they endure? How long before they lose their structure? Two hours? 10 minutes?  6 hours?

The answer is simple- Buy Wonder Water, because it is long lasting and storable hexagonally clustered and structured alkaline water, all of which has been scientifically proven and it is patented.

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Wonder Water must be stored at no more than 25 degrees celcius